REVIEW: What Is Poo? By Katie Daynes

what is poo
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REVIEW: What Is Poo? By Katie Daynes






What is poo? Does everyone do it? And where does it all go? The answer to all poop-related questions is there in this interactive lift-the-flap book from Usborne publishers. This 12-page-board book has a bomb of information that are even new to an adult. This book is perfect to introduce to a 2.5+ old toddler, also a kid, who is beginning their potty training.

The book starts with a simple question: What is poo? A simple explanation is given behind the flap and also how each person in different age does potty is given in a pictorial way. A good way to start a potty conversation with a toddler.

What is poo?
What is poo?

The next topic these books cover is animals/insects/birds and their poo. Each animal poos in different shapes, sizes, and colours. For instance, Hippos scatter their poo and the elephant’s poo is too big and it’s so heavy. I am wondering, what will zoo people with tons of poo?

I even got an answer to that question from the book. Some poo is eaten by beetles and some poo are turned into the soil naturally. The poop in our toilet gets flushed down in the pipes and goes to the sewage tank. The first time we read this book, Nathan purposefully went to the security guard and enquired about our flat’s sewage tank.

Animal's poo in different shapes
Animal’s poo in different shapes

Poo has different uses We can use it as a fertilizer for our plants, camel poo is used to make fire, some animals use poo to pass a message and so on. When we fell sick, the doctors used our poop to test for any infection.

what can we do with poo?
What can we do with poo?

If you have a poo freak at your home, then this page will be much helpful. The poop of animals is in different shapes, colours, sizes, and textures. We can observe the poo and find which animal passed by.

Next time you go out, observe around and spot a poo(I know it’s gross) and find which animal is around your house’s surroundings. A simple, fun activity to do with your kids.

Poo shapes and sizes
Poop shapes and sizes

Fun facts: dinosaur’s old poop is called Coprolite and caterpillar sometimes rolls into the shape of poo for its self-defence.

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