REVIEW: The Backpack by Lindsay C. Barry

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REVIEW: The Backpack by Lindsay C. Barry







The author was kind enough to gift me the e-book copy for an honest review. This post contains an affiliate link.

My backpack fell apart and I need a new one. These are the sounds of every school-going kid before a new academic year, and I have been there too. In a mountain of bags displayed in shimmering light, we find it difficult to choose one.

These were the thoughts of the girl in the story, after searching every possible store, she found her dream backpack. The price didn’t matter to the girl and she was happy to get the best one. Though she got her best backpack the words her dad said “what counts is what’s inside” she didn’t understand. Days passed and she boasted about her backpack to her friends that boasting made no sense to her after she met a boy who is bullied. Do you think she will finally understand her dad’s words?

One of the best stories every kid should hear before going to school. A kind word does matter to all and it doesn’t matter what is inside your bag. All that matters is what is inside your heart. Also, we should remind our children not to be a bully and never be rude to other kids seeing their outward appearance. The author did a great job and the story flew in a rhyming fashion. One of the important traits we must teach our children and it definitely makes the best bedtime read.

The illustrations are bright and colourful. I definitely recommend this book and always remember small kindness and small gestures will never get wasted. Also loved the note for parents at the end of the read and also the note about ” how to practice kindness”.

A good read for 4+ kids and when I read to Nathan, he didn’t quite get the father’s words but was excited to see the new bag and how the girl helped the boy.

A beautiful gesture by the author is to give her royalties to an organization Blessings in a Backpack.

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