Moon Themed Picture Books for Kids

Moon Themed Picture Books for Kids
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Moon Themed Picture Books for Kids

A few weeks back, I did a space unit study and the first sub-study was about the moon. Nathan enjoyed this whole study and was proud to spot and name a few moon changes. I would say a win-win study for us. The books we used were a mix of fiction and non-fiction books.

By The Light Of The Moon By Tom Percival

By the Light of the Moon is about Ivan who is a bit sad to leave his old house and move into a new home. He is often seen staring at the moon through his window and one night he saw a shimmering light towards his window and he followed it. The light led him to a stream and a few trees, and he saw a small creature named Moji. Moji painted Ivan lighter using the paintbrush, and Ivan felt much lighter. They both flew over the clouds and the stars and almost touched the moon. After having fun, Moji drew in the sky ‘Home’ and Ivan was sad to be back home. Moji reminded Ivan, that though the new house doesn’t feel like home: he will have memories in this new home, eventually.

Field Trip To The Moon By John Hare and Jeanne Willis

A class goes on a field trip to the moon. One student takes drawing materials and gets so distracted, that everyone leaves without her. When she’s alone, aliens come to see what she is doing. They have fun drawing on themselves and the moon rocks until the moon bus comes back to get the missing student. A wordless book with a bit of humour.

Chapatti Moon By Pippa Goodhart

Mrs Kapoor prepares a lavish spread and while she was making Chapatti, it rolled down the streets. Follow the trail of the chapatti as it bounces and bursts through the book where will its adventure end?

One Giant Leap: The Story of Neil Armstrong By Don Brown

A great picture book biography of Neil Armstrong. As a young boy, Neil Armstrong had a recurring dream in which he held his breath and floated high above the people, houses, and cars. He spent his free time reading stacks of flying magazines, building model aeroplanes, and staring through the homemade telescope mounted on the roof of his neighbour’s garage. As a teenager, Neil became obsessed with the idea of flight, working odd jobs to pay for flying lessons at a nearby airport. He earned his student pilot’s license on his sixteenth birthday. But who was to know that this shy boy, who also loved books and music, would become the first person to set foot on the moon, on July 20, 1969.

The Way Back Home By Oliver Jeffers

An imaginative little story about a little boy who takes his aeroplane out and gets lost and then finds solace in the company of someone else who has also been displaced. To get home, these unlikely friends go to great lengths to help each other out.

On The Moon By Anna Milbourne

This is a beautifully illustrated book with a mixture of photographs and artwork designed to introduce the moon and moon landings to young children. 

Man on the Moon By Simon Bartram

The Man on the Moon looks at a day in the life of Bob. Bob doesn’t have the average day job, but still has to wake up early to go to work …on the Moon! Bob’s hectic day comprises cleaning and tidying the moon, welcoming visitors, performing tricks for tourists and much more. Bob knows almost everything there is to know about the moon but something is going on behind his back that he hasn’t spotted. Are there aliens on the moon? 

Daddy On The Moon By Cressida Cowell

Sam’s daddy is on the moon and he won’t be back soon. Sam wished he could meet his dad and a friendly digger tapped on his window. Follow Sam’s adventure in a rescue helicopter and a space rocket before he can meet his dad.

Bilby Moon By Margaret Spurling

Little Bilby notices that each night the moon gets smaller and smaller and he is afraid it is disappearing, but he soon learns from his friend Boobook Owl that it will come back bit by bit and shine brightly in the night sky.

Little Rabbit Waits For The Moon By Beth Shoshan

Rabbit is trying so hard to wait on the moon, wondering where it is or how long it will take to see. So he starts asking the flower, or the hill, or the wind etc but when the moon finally comes out, the rabbit is fast asleep. But the moon watches over him anyhow.

Owl Moon By Jane Yolen

A young girl and her father take a nighttime stroll near the farm where they live to look for owls. It is a beautiful night, a moonlit winter night. Bundled tightly against the cold, they trudge through the pristine snow. As they go, hidden in ink-blue shadows, a fox, a raccoon, a field mouse and a deer watch them pass. A delicate tension builds as the father imitates the great horned owl’s call once without answer, then again. Finally, from out of the darkness, an echo came threading its way through the trees.

Goodnight Moon By Margaret Wise Brown

A little bunny tucked in bed says goodnight to all the familiar things in his great green room. The fireplace is burning; the lights are on as the little bunny says goodnight. By the end of the book, the lights are out and the moon is shining through the window. Little rabbit says, “Goodnight noises everywhere.”

Mommy, Mommy, where is the MOON? By Serene Chia

This picture book is an absolute delight that takes the reader on a journey with Kaitlyn and her mother as they observe the changing phases of the moon. As they go, Kaitlyn becomes fascinated by the first moon landing and develops a strong desire to fly to the moon herself one day.

Few more book recommendations which we love to read someday 🙂

All the images are taken from Google images

The Moon Book By Gail Gibbons

The Moon Book talks about anything and everything related to the moon. It discusses the different phases, craters, peoples’ views, moon landings, and other historical information. 

Papa, Please Get The Moon For Me By Eric Carle

Monica desperately wants to play with the moon, but she can’t quite seem to reach it. Her father waits until the moon is small and then uses a ladder to reach the moon and bring it to her. 

A Big Mooncake For Little Star By Grace Lin

Little Star’s mom makes a delicious mooncake and asks Little Star not to eat it yet. Little Star agrees…but then at night, she gets hungry and the moon cake looks so good, so she takes a little nibble. The next night she takes another nibble. Each night, she eats a little more and as she does, the mooncake shrinks, until finally it is all gone.

If You Decide To Go To The Moon By Faith Mcnulty

The story is about a young boy on an excursion to the moon. Throughout, the book, the author gives advice and tips for the entire trip from packing to landing and everything in between. The amazing journey emphasizes the beauty of the Earth and the moon, so join us on the ride!

Moon’s First Friends: One Giant Leap Of Friendship By Susanna Leonard Hill

This is the story of the Apollo Moon Landing… told from the Moon herself! Great story about the moon’s desire to have visitors. She invites the dinosaurs to come, but they stay on earth. She invites the animals of the earth to visit, but they don’t come either. Then she sees people starting a fire and imagines they want to see the stars in the sky. She waits and waits as people build pyramids and then boats, bicycles, cars, and, finally, planes. Finally, she watches as scientists experiment with rockets, eventually sending a chimpanzee into orbit. But the chimp doesn’t reach her. Then one glorious day came when people launched a rocket that hurtles toward the moon. She’s so excited to welcome them. She gives them gifts of rocks and dust, and they leave her gifts of a plaque and flag. Now she looks forward to another visit.

What The Moon Is Like? By Franklyn M. Branley

This book describes the surface of the moon, the climate, the effects of gravity, and the astronauts’ experiences on the moon.

I Took The Moon For A Walk By Carolyn Curtis

The boy in this book takes the moon for a walk one night and sees all the events that happen at night. The truth is the moon is everywhere we go at night, so we feel like we are taking the moon for a walk. 

Kitten’s First Full Moon By Kevin Henkes

A kitten sees her first full moon one night and believes it is a bowl of milk. She tried extremely hard to get what she thought was the milk, but only failed time after time. Upset, the little kitten goes back home where there is a bowl of milk waiting for her.

Let me know if you will add any more books to the Moon study.

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