Advent Review: A Star So Bright- A Christmas Tale By M. Christina Butler

Star so bright
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Advent Review: A Star So Bright- A Christmas Tale By M. Christina Butler

Book Name: A Star So Bright- A Christmas Tale

Author: M. Christina Butler

Illustrator:  Caroline Pedler

Pages: 20

Publisher: Good Books


Though You Are Small Among The Clans Of Judah, Out Of You Will Come For Me One Who Will Be Ruler Over Israel.

Micah 5:2

Bethlehem/Beit Lechem has a very interesting meaning, which can be split into two different parts.

“Bethel/Beit” in the Bible, means “House of God”. Lechem is the Hebrew word for bread, but this bread is not just the side item on our plate. It is the bread which Jesus taught us to pray for: “Give us today our daily bread.” Jesus/Son of God, the Bread of Life was born in a place called the “House of Bread”.

We found a very beautiful book to read on this day. A beautiful story portrayed through the eyes of animals. A bear cub wakes up from winter slumber and finds a shining star in the sky. Every night, different animal families and the bear cub see the bright, shining star and they are wondering what magnificent thing is about to happen. Then slowly the book moves and the star gets bigger. Then they find the star at the top of a stable. All the animals gather around the stable and peek inside to find baby Jesus wrapped and kept in the manger.

The last page has a bright, twinkling star and a beautiful picture of the manger surrounded by animals. People never consider a small town or a farm animal for any special occasion. But the birth of Jesus did happen in a small town and in a manger. We still talk about Bethlehem and also about the animals.

We may think we are weak and meek and with us, nothing can happen. But remember, the little town of Bethlehem is brought to your notice and so can you. With God, anything is possible.

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