Advent Review: The Christmas Star By Sam Childs

The Christmas star
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Advent Review: The Christmas Star By Sam Childs

Book Name: The Christmas Star

Author and Illustrator: Sam Childs

Pages: 12

Publisher: Scholastic


The colourful Christmas stars hung on trees and houses have now become a prominent symbol of Christmas. They hold a very significant place in the birth of Jesus.

I am the Root and the Offspring of David, the Bright and Morning Star.
Revelation 22:16 (b)

This book, “Christmas Star” is a beautiful story about the Nativity. The whole nativity is retold in a short way for young kids. This story also emphasis the star, which helped the wise man to meet baby Jesus. The star holds significance in the birth of Jesus.

Why was the star important?
Star is very important in the birth of Jesus. It was one of the important signs and it’s called by different names in the Holy Bible.

The Christmas star or Star of Bethlehem or Bright morning star or Star of east or Star of wonder.

Sometimes I go in awe of how the star guided the Wiseman. There is always wonder in God’s creation.

A few things we can discuss in this book, other than Christmas, are,
How did the wise man travel?

How did they travel in the desert?

What are the stars?

Why is Star important?

The Christmas star is not just a colourful decor, it signifies peace and high hopes. It gives you a ray of hope that the Son of God will help you confront and conquer every difficult situation you come across. It shows that every good thing comes from within and that there is a silver lining in every dark cloud.

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